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Healthcare As It Should Be.

Kestrel is healthcare created for you—personalized and on-demand for your convenience.

Kestrel offers a mobile, medical community and healthcare center for wellness that puts the patient experience back into focus. We’re bringing personal attention back to modern medicine while integrating a holistic approach to healing and wellness.

Through a flexible membership program we are able to successfully make every minute count with our patients.

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We are your wellness team.

As health advocates, we partner with everyone in your corner to maximize your healing and overall health. Whether it’s a personal trainer, your acupuncturist or spiritual healer, Dr. Henriksen works directly with your community of wellness providers to help you on your journey to whole-person wellness.

We come to you or you come to us.

Skip the waiting room, lost time, and lingering calls on hold. We deliver care to patients at our modern and cozy facility in the heart of Salt Lake City, in your home, via telemedicine, or at your office. Dr. Henriksen will even meet you at the gym!

Get direct, on-demand access to your healthcare.

Your doctor is just a text away. Seriously, there’s an app for that. Your time is precious and your questions are valid, which is why we provide direct access to your physician so we can quickly ease concerns, encourage healing, and provide the personal attention we all need as patients.

Kestrel was designed with ___________ in mind.

patients with complex medical conditions

burnt-out Goldman Sachs pros

triathletes and crossfitters

stay-at-home dads

overworked number crunchers

rambunctious kids

fledgling athletes in training

go-getters with no time for colds

moms who dread waiting rooms

jet setters

kiddos home sick from school

couch potatoes ready to 5K


feverish bosses

organic-loving foodies

people ready for change

paleos and vegans

Why opt for a direct pay membership model for healthcare instead of a standard clinic?

A limited patient roster results in more time spent with Dr. Henriksen.

Most full-time family physicians have between 1,600 and 2,000 patients. At Kestrel, we have a limit of 400 patients per treating physician to ensure quality care, time, and attention. Working with fewer patients means Dr. Henriksen can take more time during visits to devote to more detailed diagnoses and plans. In a traditional clinic patients expect a rushed 10-minute appointment, but in the Kestrel model follow-up appointments often last for 40-minutes.

The membership model cuts time-consuming and costly expenses associated with clinic management and paperwork such as insurance billing. 

Cutting these costs means that Kestrel can afford to have fewer patients per physician.

No more unnecessary office visits for follow-ups.

In the traditional insurance model doctors must see a patient in person to get paid. This leads to inconvenient and unnecessary follow-ups. In our membership model, Dr. Henriksen instead provides innovative solutions like telemedicine, text messaging, and educational events to proactively promote health and wellness while also resolving patient concerns quickly.

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Member Services Include:

  • Annual Wellness Visits
  • Tailored Wellness Plans
  • Non-Emergent Sick Calls
  • Urgent Care Appointments
  • Patient and Doctor Workouts
  • Interactive Health Tracking Tools

Appointments Take Place:

  • In your home
  • In your office
  • At the gym
  • At the market
  • At our modern, cozy medical facility
  • Virtually anywhere that suits you!.

Kestrel Experts: Our Network of Wellness and Fitness Pros

These partnerships are being built at this very moment! More coming soon.

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