Welcome to Kestrel!

I’m excited to introduce Kestrel!

Occasionally during our travels we come across a business or service that seems to be a gift to humanity. For example, we stayed at a hotel in Bolivia that was the most amazing work of art. The owner was a master carpenter and artist who could have been doing a million other projects, but instead decided to put his efforts into a hotel simply for our happiness.

My goal with Kestrel is to create the same feelings in you about your healthcare experience.

So how will Kestrel be different?


Kestrel will be a wellness team.

It is clear that wellness needs a community, just seeing a physician is not enough. Kestrel will partner with everyone in your corner to maximize your health. Whether it’s a personal trainer, your acupuncturist or spiritual healer, I’ll work directly with your wellness providers to help you. The wellness team will be called Kestrel Experts, as you can see I’m not quite ready to roll that part out yet. If you or someone you know wants to be part of this community then please contact me.

I will go to you or you can come to me.

One of the most frustrating things about being a physician is making people wait for me! Just a few days ago a friend posted on social media that she used 2 hours of time for a 10-minute visit. This is just not right. With Kestrel you can skip the waiting room and the lost time. I think it is time physicians started seeing patients on their terms. So, I will be seeing patients where they want either in their homes, via telemedicine, or at the gym.

If you want to see me in a more traditional setting then that works too. I’ll soon be moving into a brand-new building at 155 East 900 South in SLC.  It will be a cozy facility, and I promise you that you will not need to wait hours to see me.

Get direct, on-demand access to your healthcare.

Nothing is more frustrating than having a simple question for your doctor and having it take days to get an answer. When I was at a traditional clinic I would try to check in with my patients and their questions, but it was just too overwhelming with the numbers of patients and not enough time in the day. But with Kestrel this will all change.

Instead of making patients stay on hold I’ll be using a product called Spruce. It is basically whatsapp or FB messenger for your medical needs. I’ll only be a text or a video call away.

Imagine this scenario: Your child has a rash. Instead of calling and making an appointment to be seen in a few days you will pull up Spruce app, answer a few questions and send me a picture of the rash. Then wait a few minutes and I will be able to get back to you.

Why opt for a direct pay membership model for healthcare instead of a standard clinic?

Most full-time family physicians have between 1,600 and 2,000 patients. I am going to limit our patients to 400 per physician. Because we will have fewer patients I can take more time during visits to devote to more detailed diagnoses and plans. In place of rushed 10-minute appointments I will be able to spend 30 minutes or more for each follow up.

The membership model also cuts out the time-consuming and costly expenses that I had in my previous clinic. Instead of worrying about coding and insurance billing I can spend more time helping my patients be healthier and happier.

Kestrel: Wellness | Together    

I truly believe that wellness and health cannot be achieved in isolation. I’m excited to partner with patients, families and other professionals to see if we can create a community that is happy, vibrant and healthy.


All the Best,

Dr. Rick Henriksen

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