We’re Hiring!

Update: Kestrel decided to partner with Orriant for our health coaching. However, we love to hear from people doing health coaching, so please reach out to us for possible future collaboration.

Kestrel seeks a part-time, dynamic, medically-trained health coach to assist Kestrel members in their health and wellness journeys.

I’ve had many ask how they can be involved, so I’m happy to announce that Kestrel is hiring! If you have found yourself looking over Kestrel and wishing that you too would love be a part in this new and innovative model health care delivery, then please take a look at the Call for Applications. The position is primarily targeted to MAs, EMTs, Nurses and other medically trained folks who want to be health coaches.

Send any questions to info@kestrelwellness.com, and please forward to anyone who would be a great fit.


Click here for the full information: Kestrel Medical Trained Health Coach Call for Applications


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